Grading Rocky Mountain Bikes | Fourtified

Earlier this year I graded a video for Rocky Mountain Bikes directed by Vancouver based filmmaker Liam Mullany.

The video was shot between LA, BC, Tasmania and New Zealand on various RED bodies and DJI drones. I decided to grade this project in ACES as I've found the image you get from a REDlog Film IDT going to a REC 709 ODT is better than any of the various R3D colour/gamma settings RED themselves have ever been able to produce. 

We were going for a mix between action and documentary, trying to give an edge to the images without them drifting from reality, and the starting point ACES provides made it really simple to dial in looks with mostly temp, tint and exposure (master offset in Resolve). We wanted to give each location its own distinct look but at the same time make sure there was a sense of cohesiveness in the video as a whole. 

I was fortunate enough to spend some time with Peter Doyle on a recent visit to Technicolor London who showed me how he incorporates ACES into his projects. He's definitely using it closer to its full potential than I did here but it's a platform with the potential to drastically simplify workflows on VFX shows, as well as just purely offering an alternate method of grading, as I used it on this one. 

The video had the prestige of being selected as a Staff Pick by Vimeo's curators which was a first for both Liam and myself, so congrats to him for putting it all together.