Grading So Loki | 'Elephant Man'

Earlier this year I graded the music video for So Loki’s ‘Elephant Man’, co-directed by Jevan Crittenden and Steve Kim and shot by Nate Slaco.

The video was shot on a Canon C200 with Zeiss Super Speed lenses so my goal was to use a crunchy print vibe to hide some of the shortcomings in the Canon sensor.

One of my inspirations for contrast and density was the look of the video for Mura Masa’s ‘All Around the World’.

For the interiors we decided on a greener kind of feel to play off Geoff’s jacket and (prop) cash. Below is a series of images showing the Canon Log —> 709 transform, the starting point using my print LUT instead, primary grade and then final grade.

On this shot the challenge was to balance the guys in the car with the sky and make sure the warmth in their jackets came through against the blue around them.

For the exteriors I wanted to do the same thing and make sure the guys weren’t too blown out by the sky, so this was where the Mura Masa video came in as a good reference for how to balance talent against a late-day sky.

All the images have the selective grain and blurring process I’ve been working on to try and emulate film stock.

I’d been listening to the track long before I was asked to work on the video, I graded the ‘Athlete’s World’ video earlier this year too, so I’m looking forward to the next one.