Grading Saskatoon Blades | Home Opener

Earlier this week I graded a commercial promoting the WHL's Saskatoon Blades' home opener, directed by Edward Andrews and shot by Leo Harim

Edward and Leo had been with the team for a couple weeks making a documentary on their pre-season training camp and had the idea to stage some shots and shoot a commercial while they were over there. 

It was shot on an Arri Amira and the direction was to give the spot a gritty feel. Usually I'd grade through a print LUT but I wanted this to maintain a modern and polished look underneath the grit, so I just used a standard Arri LUT and a Cinegrain scan to add the texture Leo and Edward were looking for. 

Most of the work was in drawing custom vignettes to make sure the eye was drawn to the right part of the image with all the quick cuts, and balancing out the archive footage which was in various qualities of condition. 

Edward's edit was really slickly cut and Jeff Quinn's sound design helped tie it all together.